Ceziam - The cloud based toolkit that helps you secure the applications you build.
Ceziam - The cloud based toolkit that helps you secure what you build.

The Cloud Based Toolset for

Securing What You Build.

""...amazingly easy to setup..."

""...simple to use interface..."

""...I know what to do so I don't get hacked..."

Without Ceziam Security issues slipped through, things felt a bit crazy and we didn't know where the problems where. With Ceziam We get one report, we know what to prioritise and it feels calm.

Find security vulnerabilities continously in what you build

We aim to help you build safer web apps by helping you detect weaknesses and vulnerabilities across. For instance DNS, database or cloud misconfigurations. Continous protection is available for all your web apps.


Automating and optimising hacker knowledge

Ceziam incorporates the know-how of some of the worlds best ethical hackers to provide an all in toolkit to help you secure what you build. You stay ahead of the threat by being able to quickly understand the weaknesses of your application.